"I highly recommend Lido Key to
readers who enjoy mystery and
sizzling sex scenes."

- Paige Lovitt, Readerviews.com

"While reading
Lido Key I was once
again drawn into the
film noir style
adventures of a former cop turned
Private Detective whose cases
never go quite as planned."

- Two Lips Reviews
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"The Bundle" is an entertaining erotic suspense with a touch of mystery
involved. The characters are well written and drew me into their story. The
action is well paced and kept me glued to the pages." - Nightowl Reviews
"I highly recommend "The Bundle" to readers who enjoy some romance and
sensuality mixed in with a good mystery." - Paige Lovitt, Readerviews.com

"The Sweet Distraction" is the perfect distraction if you're looking for a good
story with some great sex." - Marty Shaw, Readerviews.com
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"Anywhere the Heart Goes"

Sam went to the living room and examined Rachel's CD collection, settling on a
couple of Nat King Cole recordings. He scanned the books on the shelf, his
eyebrows arching when he saw a copy of the Kama Sutra. Sam took the book
from the shelf and began leafing through it.
Here's a side of you I didn't expect
to find.
He looked at the elegantly etched lithographs of couples in passionate
"That's an interesting book," Rachel said from the doorway, her voice having
taken on a huskiness Sam hadn't noticed before.
He looked at Rachel as she leaned against the wall,her left leg slightly bent,
causing her hips to arch a bit. The backlight from the dining room silhouetted
her, bringing out the reddish highlights in her hair. Sam let his eyes absorb her
sexiness and sensuality. "I've never read it," he said, placing the book back on
the shelf.
Rachel pushed herself away from the wall and slinked toward him, locking onto
his eyes. "It's very enlightening, in a spiritual way," she commented in the same
smoky voice. "Really helps you unlock your inner self and lose your inhibitions.
That is, if you have any."
She was standing less than a foot away, her hazel eyes emitting a soft murky
glow. "Did you have a lot of inhibitions to lose?" Sam queried.
Rachel gave a low, sultry laugh. "Now who's getting personal?"
She inched closer to Sam. He placed his arms around her shoulders, pulled
her close and gently planted his lips on hers. She closed her eyes and
teasingly brushed her lips against his, giving him a light kiss. Sam moved one
hand to the back of her neck, kissing her with more interest. Rachel responded
in kind, enjoying the feeling.
Sam was instantly taken in by Rachel's essence. Her perfume worked with her
own chemistry, and the sweetness of her strawberry-flavored lip gloss was the
perfect dessert. He worked his lips against hers for a few moments before his
tongue made a preliminary probe into Rachel's mouth. She slid hers into his
mouth in response, causing his pulse to quicken. Prior thoughts of making love
to Rachel flooded his mind again, as he realized that the desire wasn't just lust,
but something that would last longer than fifteen minutes. He slowly ran his
hand along her back, enjoying the softness of cashmere but wanting to know if
her flesh was also as soft and inviting. He wondered how far he could push his
luck without getting slapped into the middle of next week.
He pulled back slightly, looked at Rachel and smiled. "Looks like you really
unlocked your inner self."
Rachel ran her open palm across his shoulder. "There are a lot of other
secrets to unlock, if someone only had the key."
           * * * *
"Anywhere the Heart Goes" is a fun, enjoyable romp through the often
confusing world of relationships. It artfully and humorously portrays the
eternal struggle of men and women in their complicated dance of getting

- Allbooks Reviews
"Mistletoe and Palm Trees"

"I had the strangest feeling today," Brooke began, "going sightseeing by
myself. This is the first time I've taken a vacation alone."
Tom thought of his own feelings since he arrived in The Keys the day before.    
"Kind of an empty feeling, isn't it?"
"Yeah. It was like it didn't feel right, discovering new things and not having
anyone to share them with. Kinda strange."
"Why didn't you bring a friend with you?"
"All of them had plans or were getting ready for the holidays."
"For what it's worth, I think it was pretty gutsy of you to come by yourself.
Shows a lot of character strength."
Brooke glanced down and smiled shyly. "Thank you. Does it feel strange for
you, being here alone?"
"Yeah, it does. I haven't taken a long trip alone in years."
Her eyes took on a sultry look accompanied by a small smile. "So what's a
lonely girl to do with herself for a whole week in a tropical paradise?"
"Find an equally lonely guy to bum around with."
"Where would I find such a guy?"
"They're all over the place."
"Maybe I should run an ad." She placed her hand on his on the table. "Unless
you'd like to apply for the job."
"I'd be happy to provide references."
She gave him a playful look, one that made her green eyes twinkle. "What are
your qualifications?"
"Let's see: I'm here, I have no plans and I find you very attractive."
"What's your availability?"
"At your service, twenty-four-seven,"
Her look turned sly. "Does that include nights?"
"Of course."
She laughed. "You're hired. How soon can you start?"
He squeezed her hand. "I just gave notice on my last job."
"Robert B. Parker and his Spencer
series may have met their match in
Tim Smith's Nick Seven in the genre
of mob and underworld revenge in
'The Vendetta Factor.'"

- Richard R. Blake, Readerviews
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"This is a sexy, stylish thriller with
a savvy, no-nonsense hero."

- L.A. Johnson, Midwest Book

Memories Die Last is a novel that
will be enjoyed by both men and
women alike. There is something
in it for everyone!"

- Paige Lovitt, Readerviews.com
"The Sweet Distraction has now
become a part of my collection and I
look forward to reading more of Tim
Smith's work." - Night Owl Reviews.

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