Nick Seven and Felicia Hagens left the
CIA to carve out an idyllic anonymous
life in The Florida Keys. The last thing
they wanted was to be used by their
former employer as pawns in America's
war on terror. Nick and Felicia navigate
a complex maze of intrigue and
double-crosses while dealing with a
rogue agent from their past who has a
score to settle. When Felicia becomes
part of the scheme the stakes get
higher and more personal. Can Nick
keep her out of harms way or will be
finally be outwitted? Will Felicia stay
with him or return to Barbados?
  Vic Fallon has worked on some
strange cases since he left the Police
force to become a Private Investigator,
but when a former lover asks him to
look into a bizarre blackmail demand,
it's one for his memoirs. Vic hasn't
seen Ariel Weston since his last trip to
Siesta Key, Florida three years earlier.
The end of their affair wasn't amicable,
and swore that the next time he saw
Ariel he'd drown her with the nearest
Pina Colada. When Ariel gets caught
up in a potentially embarrassing sex
scandal, she appeals to him for help.
Vic reluctantly agrees but finds himself
in a real quandary when he realizes
they still have feelings for each other.
 The case pulls Vic out of his northern
Ohio comfort zone to the Sunshine
State, where he crosses paths with a
corrupt local cop, a famous writer with
a taste for booze and women, and a
sleazy strip club owner. Throw in one
very cute Latina who develops a crush
on him and the puzzle gets more
complex. Can Vic solve Ariel's problem
before the blackmailer ruins her life?
Will Ariel convince Vic to give their
failed relationship another chance?
What happens when your world is
turned inside out by something from
your past that won't leave you alone?
Former CIA operative Nick Seven finds
out when his peaceful life in The  
Florida Keys is disrupted by the
sudden appearance of an old nemesis
he thought was buried alongside the
painful memory of a personal tragedy.
Nick reluctantly gets back into the spy
game to settle an old score and is
pleasantly surprised to find himself
paired with beautiful Felicia Hagens, a
former co-worker from Barbados.
Together they uncover a complex
maze of intrigue, espionage and
high-level government corruption. The
assignment gets more complex when
they realize they have unrequited
feelings for each other. Can Nick finally
hit the elusive target and reclaim his
personal corner of paradise? Will
Felicia decide to stay with the rugged
former spy she's always had a secret
thing for?
"The Bundle" - Vic Fallon had little use for the rich and famous when he was a cop and
his attitude hasn't changed since he was forced to turn in his badge. When pop singer
Kimberly Daniels returns to her hometown of Cleveland to promote her latest album, Vic
reluctantly agrees to be her bodyguard as a favor for a friend. He isn't told she has a death
threat hanging over her head, with no shortage of suspects. The set-up takes a bizarre twist
when her stalker shows up, and Vic uncovers a family secret Kimberly would like to keep
hidden. Things get more complicated when they develop a strong attraction for each other.
Can Vic ensure Kimberly's safety until she returns to L.A.? Will Kimberly decide to ditch
her glitzy celebrity life and stay with the rugged ex-cop she's fallen for?  
"The Sweet Distraction" - George Sullivan's
life is a disaster in progress. His last few
books haven't sold well, he drinks too
much, he sleeps around, he's on the hook
for a gambling debt he can't repay and he'd
probably trade his last friend for a
bestseller. When his agent arranges for him
to write the memoir of notorious mob boss
Vito Pasquale, it's the opportunity of a
lifetime and a chance to make all his
dreams come true. What George doesn't
count on is falling for the Don's beautiful
but spoiled daughter, Cookie. It's lust at
first sight for both of them, but George
resists her blatant come-ons and seduction
attempts because he fears how her father
might react. when Cookie begins a
relentless campaign to snare him, it's only a
matter of time before George caves in, but
what if things don;t work out between
them? Will he end in the middle of Lake
Erie wearing a cement overcoat for
dallying with the Don's daughter? Will Vito
insist on a shotgun wedding to preserve
Cookies honor? More important, when
George finally achieves the success he's
always wanted, will it be a hollow victory
if Cookie isn't there to share it with him?
Christmas in Key Largo, Florida - palm
trees, bright blue waters, tropical
temperatures and two people feeling the
sting of a bad break-up. When Tom
McCoy fled there to forget his latest
romantic debacle, the last person he
expected to meet was beautiful Brooke
Devlin, who is trying to heal from a mishap
of her own. Their mutual attraction is
strong, but is it real or just rebound? Will
their holiday affair last beyond check-out
time, or become the stuff Spring breaks
are made of?
"Anywhere the Heart Goes" - Sam Diamond
has lost faith in women. He's been married
and divorced, and he's been burned in the
dating world. There will be no relationships
in his future and he'll settle for hot,
one-night stands instead. When his best
friend sets him up with the beautiful,
equally broken Rachel Conroy though, Sam
can't keep away. Rachel, a well-schooled
pupil of the Kama Sutra, awakens
something deep inside Sam that has lain
dormant too long. He decides he could this
love thing another chance, but will Rachel
hurt him, too, and turn this hardened
bachelor's heart to stone?
Tim Smith, Writer/Photographer
"This is a sexy, stylish thriller with a
savvy, no-nonsense hero." -
L.A. Johnson, Midwest Book Review
"While reading 'Lido Key' I was once
again drawn into the film noir style
adventures of a private eye whose
cases never go quite as planned."

Two Lips Reviews
"The Bundle" is an entertaining
erotic suspense with a touch of
mystery involved. The action is well
paced and kept me glued to the
- Nightowl Reviews
"I could almost see, feel and hear
the atmosphere of the Florida Keys,
and the erotic flavor of the
encounters between Tom and
Brooke is exciting to the max!"
- B.D. Boren, The Alexander
When Tom McCoy fled to the Florida
Keys a year earlier to get over a bad
break-up, he never dreamed he'd
meet beautiful Brooke Devlin, who was
getting over her own romantic mishap.
They've returned to celebrate a
magical year together - but when a
former lover shows up, there's trouble
in paradise. Will Tom and Brooke get
around this unwanted intrusion and
have a happy holiday? What other
surprises will they find under the
Christmas tree?
"Another sweet 'n sexy romance
from Tim Smith, with two characters
who are hotter than Key West in

- Two Lips Reviews
"The Sweet Distraction" is the
perfect distraction if you're looking
for a good story with some great sex.

- Marty Shaw, Readerviews
"Anywhere the Heart Goes" is a fun,
enjoyable romp through the often
confusing world of relationships. It
artfully and humorously portrays the
eternal struggle of men and women
in their complicated dance of
getting along.
- Allbooks Reviews
"This is a novel that will be enjoyed
by both men and women alike.
There is something in it for

- Paige Lovitt, Readerviews
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